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Industrial Cleaning


To ensure healthy conditions and as part of the routine maintenance and maintenance of equipment, industrial cleaning frees the environment from physical-chemical impurities, often heavy and toxic.

Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to identify what your business needs and offer the most efficient solution for each situation.

And we go further. We train teams, own or third parties, to comply with the legislation and standards in force of each sector. With high performance teams, products and processes you get the most result with minimal waste of time.


With customized solutions for each type of activity, Continuum experts identify which type(s) of substance(s) should be treated and on which surface(s) is located.

Along with the best product option, in which often the same type can solve several cases and the correct choice of application method, you get the best results with less effort and time invested.

Perguntas frequentes

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Special projects

Whether in restricted access locations such as silos, reservoirs and ducts or to remove fouling, liquid or pasty waste, oils and other dirt, we have specialized products and professionals for all types of work.

Complex industrial odors can be extensively treated with a set of techniques and products, solving the problem definitively.


Request a technical evaluation and be asurprise with the performance and the excellent cost-benefit.


With tailored training for the team, own or third, you ensure compliance with the legislation and standards of each sector, as well as define cleaning routines for each activity.

Proved efficiency

Combine high-performance teams, products and processes and get maximum results with minimal waste time and less downtime.

Other applications

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