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Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic Spraying

A global leader in environmental disinfection, ByoPlanet® was born more than 10 years ago with the goal of reducing absenteeism rates on cruise ships and classrooms due to sick staff, students and customers. 

With the electrostatic spraying system, it is possible to ensure the homogeneous distribution of products on surfaces, offering greater coverage with less use of resources.

Easy. Fast. Efficient.

This is the proposal of byoplanet® electrostatic spraying, a exclusive technology in Brazil by Continnum Chemical. Associated with the Vital Disinfection line, you save up to 99.45% water, reduce team time and effort, and ensure disinfected environments with national and international efficacy reports and certifications. Come and try it! Request a demo now and be surprised by the result.

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Do more with less

The application with electrically charged drops ensures 100% coverage in much less time. This is because the product is attracted to the surfaces and does not deposit itself, totally eliminating waste of time.

Maximum coverage and efficiency

Ensure public safety with productivity. Cleaning and disinfection protocols are a new reality for all sectors and will remain in force. 


Application with the ByoPlanet® electrostatic spray combined with the unique chemical compound of Vital Disinfection, leaves environments free of bacteria, germs and viruses, including pathogenic ones (such as COVID-19).

Trust partnership

Request a technical evaluation and be surprised by the performance and the excellent cost-benefit. We empower your own or third-party team to ensure compliance with the laws and standards of each sector.

Proven efficiency

Treat objects, walls, floors and other surfaces in a matter of minutes, drastically reducing the time for disinfection. Contact us and check special conditions to have the best solution for your business.

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