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Discover our line

Discover our line

Every day everywhere

Maintaining a clean environment without unpleasant smells and disinfected is daily task. Our products offer maximum efficiency for the most diverse segments.

Facilities and service providers

Professional cleaning, with the best cost and benefit ratio

Hospital Hygiene

Cleaning and disinfection of critical, semi-critical and non-critical areas

Odor control

From ammonia on toilets, through solvents and hydrocarbons, sewers, effluent treatment and organic waste


Chemical cleaning and industrial odors, equipment decontamination and degassing

Food handling sites

Cleaning and odor control in industrial kitchens, restaurants, bars among others with organic waste.

Carpets, Tapestries and Upholstery

Efficient cleaning for all kinds of fabrics

Disposal areas and bins

High cleaning power and excellent odor removal

Breeding and animal care

Cleaning and odor control in agricultural environments, chicken farms, corrals. As well as farms, kennels and pet centers

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