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About us

About us

The chemistry of success in more than two decades of history

Specialist in solutions for cleaning, odor control, disinfection and spraying eletrostática, Continuum Chemical was born in the 2000s.

The Desire of the Bortali brothers to share state-of-the-art technology with maximum chemical efficiency caused the Brazilian market to receive, at that time, the first cleaning products from Continuum. Initially focused on large industrial chains, such as the oil company, the PICC line evolved its portfolio and diversified its application to different segments.

Later, the company helped develop the odor control market. With innovative solutions with high added value, NONOX was born. Powerful, functional and with impressive results, soon became a new pillar in the business of the company.

Attentive to the movements of the category, Continuum sought in technology the efficiency for disinfection processes and, through consolidated partnerships, brought the perfect combination between formula and application. The result was a widely certified product and a unique spraying process. DESINFEC VITAL and Byoplanet have become the preference of the most renowned hospitals in the country. In 2020, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, they became a reference for efficient disinfection in the most varied types of environments.

It is the time used to disinfect 40 M²

Of residual effect that may last for up to 7 months*

*Request details about the residual effect of the product

Reduction of water use
Clean environment with 100ml
Missão, Visão e Valores

Missão, Visão e Valores


Provide healthy products and processes that collaborate with environmental conservation and improve people’s quality of life


Continuum Chemical will be a prominent company in the market for development and manufacture of chemical technology solutions and their applications in environmental conservation and preservation.

Our Values

· Ethics
· Excellence
· Sustainable Management
· Respect and Transparency
· Valuing People
· Improvement and Innovation
· Social Responsibility
· Customer Satisfaction and Safety

Quality Policy

“Satisfy customer needs through the quality management system, continuous process improvement, with qualified suppliers.”

Continuum, in its activities, is committed to:

· Ensure that the policy meets the company’s objectives;
· Seeking Continuous Improvement;
· Maintain Product Compliance;
· Meet Deadlines;
· Satisfy and Have No Customer Complaints;
· Train employees in Established Needs;
· Track Supplier Performance

Ready for solution

Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to identify what your business needs and offer the most efficient solution for each situation.

And we go further. We train teams, own or third parties, to comply with the legislation and standards of each sector. With high performance teams, products and processes you get the best result with minimal waste of time.

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How it works

How it works

It's not magic, it's science

Through the ideal combination of formula and/or method, it is possible to obtain solutions for any type of situation, environment or surface. Always, of course, with all security for people and for nature. Here at Continuum, we know in depth what are the chemical properties of dirt, smell and microorganisms, so, we were able to eliminate them much more efficiently. Learn the main steps of a process of cleaning, deodorization or chemical disinfection:



The first step is to correctly identify which type(s) of substance(s) should be treated and on which surface(s) is located



After, you choose the best product option to deal with the situation. Often, the same type of solution can solve several cases.



The option of application method is essential to get the best results with the least effort and time invested.



With predetermined results the process becomes simpler and the solutions much more efficient

Electrostatic spraying.
Do more with less.

The application with electrically charged drops ensures 100% coverage in much less time. This is because the product is attracted to the surfaces and does not deposit itself, totally eliminating waste of time.



Every day everywhere

Facilities and service providers

Professional cleaning and disinfection, with the best cost and benefit ratio

Hospital Hygiene

Cleaning and disinfection of critical, semi-critical and non-critical areas.

Odor control

From ammonia on toilets, through solvents and hydrocarbons, sewers, effluent treatment and organic waste.


Chemical cleaning and industrial odors, equipment decontamination and degassing.

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