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Trust the nature of chemistry

With more than 20 years of experience in the Brazilian market , Continuum Chemical specializes in solutions for cleaning, odor control, disinfection and electrostatic spraying.

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Years of Experience

About us

About us

State-of-the-art on technology, efficiency and excellent cost benefit

Tracking innovation, we research around the world to find products with high added value that transform the national market.

In the last two decades, we have strengthened our partnerships, expanded the portfolio and acted proactively in the regulatory frameworks of the segment. Our state-of-the-art technology enables solutions that bring together time and natural resources savings, with maximum results.

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Maurizio Bortali

Sócio e Fundador

Chemistry of results

Chemistry of results

A combination of successful elements

Ensuring clean, odorless and disinfected environments is a basic necessity for any type of business. From complex removals of industrial waste to disinfection of large areas in a very short time, we offer products and services that provide excellent results with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Professional Cleaning

With the correct interaction between elements that, through chemical reactions, allow the removal of any residue from a surface, professional cleaning gains a new level.

Odor Control

Treating the cause or effect, the molecules that cause the bad smell are adhered to and encapsulated by other particles, eliminating the odor definitively.


To prevent or combat the contamination and spread of microorganisms it is necessary to go beyond cleaning. Specific products and methods eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses, including pathogenic ones (which cause diseases).

Electrostatic spraying

Using induction of electrical charges, electrostatic spraying ensures a homogeneous distribution of products on surfaces, offering greater coverage with less use of products.

Choose Continuum

Choose Continuum

More than a quality option, a reliable partner

We believe in solid relationships with real results. We are experts in solving your cleaning, odor control and disinfection needs with maximum efficiency.

With dozens of reports and certifications from the most important national and international agencies in the sector, we deliver*:

Reduction of water use in
Elimination of odor in
Reduction of time in disinfection of environments in
Increased cleaning efficiency in

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What’s your need? Cleaning with maximum performance? Technical support in the implementation of protocols? Effective neutralization of bad odor? Faster and less resourced disinfection of environments?

Where to buy

Where to buy

Stores, distributors and direct sales

You can find our products in the main e-commerces and establishments of the sector throughout Brazil.

Our distributor partners can also assist you with specific demands and special business conditions. Check next to it.

Contact our commercial team directly and let the nature of chemistry act in your business.


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    Kátia, Operations Manager - Rede de cinemas CINE-A
    Kátia, Operations Manager - Rede de cinemas CINE-A


    “Continuum products adapt to business needs, providing greater security with an absurd optimization of time spent for sanitizing and disinfecting the rooms, armchairs and movie environments.”

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